The Brazilian Association mandate is focused on the cultural expressions of our Brazilian Culture and we try to deliver it through different ways. In this context, our Cultural Events have been the the top highlights of our activities throughout the years since our beginning, such as our calendar events:

  • Carnaval: February or March
  • June Party: June or July
  • BrazilFest: September, October or November
  • Reveillon: New Year’s Eve in December 31st

In addition to the regular calendar events, the association has been offering a variety of other opportunities for the celebration of the Brazilian Culture in Alberta. We take part in many of the Summer Festivals, specially focusing on selected ones such as the Lilac Festivals and GlobalFest. In addition we are also committed to bring some special identified icons of the Brazilian Culture, and there were a few opportunities that this was possible, such as when we brought to Calgary: Geraldo Azevedo, Flora Purim & Airton Moreira, Armandinho and Dodo & Osmar ‘Trio Elétrico’, and Leandro Hassun.

We are also open to partnerships.

If you have a suggestion, contact or a proposal, please contact us via email address to

Below you can review the upcoming event as appropriated, as well as posters of all our previous events.