RÉVEILLON And Brazilian New Year’s Celebration 

  • Brazilians celebrate the arrival of a new year in a very particular way, with the main focus is the gathering with traditional music with family and friends, and other who enjoy the traditional way of life of Brazilians.
  • Although some of the ways to celebrate include some rituals that are not possible to offer in Alberta, such as gathering at the beaches where there rituals for good luck for instance the offerings to “Iemenjá”, the “Goddess of the Seas” or “Mother of Waters” of the African religion, respected and followed by Brazilians, even by those with different religions. However, another ritual is followed at our events with the association of good luck to all dressing in white colour.
  • Another tradition refers to the selection of the items to eat, as for instance to avoid meat of animals who eat moving backwards such as chicken, and turkey, but the ones who eat moving forward such as beef, or pig, fish and others with same behaviour. Lentils are also a symbol of good luck, as well as pomagranate.
  • The Brazilian association’s Réveillon celebrations are special occasions for the gathering and