BCA Cultural Events

The Brazilian Association organizes 4 (four)  annual calendar events to celebrate the Brazilian culture in Calgary.

These are:

  • Carnaval in February or March
  • June Party or “Festa Junina” in June or July
  • BrazilFest in September, October or November
  • Reveillon New Years Eve Celebration

Occasionally we offer some special events, such as in the past we had the opportunity to bring to Calgary:

  • Geraldo Azevedo
  • Flora Purim and Airton Moreira
  • Leandro Hassun

We also take part at the Summer festivals in Calgary offering a BRAZIL pavilion to share our culture with the attendees, such as at:

  • Lilac festival in late May or early June
  • GlobalFest at the end of August

Information sessions are usually offered in the Fall, although in 2020 we changed the planning due to the restrictions of gathering to prevent the spread of the covid-19, when we are offering them in the Spring, starting on May 27, on Wednesday at 7pm in the format of a webinar (see more at the Event’s sub-menu: Info Sessions.

These are sessions offered by experts in their area of work from our community, to the Brazilians and other residents in Alberta. The speakers are volunteers and the sessions are free admission.